Element 67


DNA is Held in Motion of the Sun and moon is prefect sync.  DNA swirls to the Basic motion of a swirl of Light as it is moving by Light.  The motion of the Sun and Moon with Earth is holding DNA in place by controlling the Hydrogen Atoms place.  One controls the Pure Charge or Hydrogen, the Moon controls the Negative charge.  Or Red and Violet.

Lightening; carrying the Reflected Light of the Celestial Element Jupiter of 67 Moon into the Atmosphere of Earth enters into Clouds potential energy carrying the Planets Element Pattern by the Reflected of Stars light changing the natural Atomic Harmony into a New Harmony with the Reflected light Pattern, this light from the Jupiter Element  moving with its own Frequency  becomes Trapped in the Rotation of the Electrons which are also bound by Celestial Bodies of the Atoms the Reflected Light Enters inside the cloud and when Energy is dispelled on Earth it organizes organic compounds with more energy adding more electrons in their obit with this metal pattern generating Metal, a transmutation of high and low states.  Metal form here reverberates unto Earth here she will use the frequencies to build bodies by the Molecule with Light.  This can be for all Not Just Jupiter.  Jupiter has 67 Moons, the element Holmium has 67 Electrons similarity. “However, it reacts with water and rusts readily, and will also burn in air when heated.” –Wiki

Rulers of Great Nations  have in their blood Metal Patterns from the Planets Reflected Light.  This pattern reflects into the Soul of the Man naturally harmonizing with their bodies Soul Pattern slightly influencing their behavior.  All things Artificial and Metal are in the Mind of this Being for thereon.  Gods Harmony of Real Truth of One Pattern of the Universe can reverse this Elemental Pattern dispelling the Wicked intentions of Metal, for all Metal is Watery and Erodes.  Metal is not the strongest Atomic Bond, metal is secondary in Cosmic Production.  All up to 8 will be Stable of Eternal Nature while Beyond is unstable and bound only to be created by High Energy which adds more energy into the already occurring Natural Elements Atomic Center creating complex patterns.  Lightening is needed to create the Metal DNA on Earth where the Natural Harmony of All unto Earth with Sun and Moon and Zodiacs and the Galaxies create a Bodies in that Image.  Man being like the Universe goes from High to Low of Violet to Red.  All things then are bound to this and have Primary Relations with reflections ensuing this just as; the Primary Colors and Secondary, and Tertiary   Colors and their Reflections.

Organic compounds on Earth use this metal as it uses non metal to make creatures in their light pattern image of reflection and pure light.  For example, light pattern of a Forest without interruption will form a creature as Earth Vibrates the Light Pattern organizing using Light a Spirit of the Forest in that particular area at the particular time.43165588 nanan_06



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